Stripes CYOC Dog-Genre


Carson excitedly unwrapped the fragile-stamp camouflaged package, unveiling a sealed container with a simple printed label. "Cosmagic TM Canine Coupon Collection", printed in the same action-y font of the Cosmagic logo itself. Impatiently, he tore through the plastic wrap covering the stiff suitcase, before popping open the container once the coast was clear of his room mates' doberman, Xavier.
Within the soft foam cushioning inside the case was a variety of sealed vials, each one barely larger than a perfume tester. Above these vials was a short piece of paper covered in fine text. Carson plucked the list out of the container, gulping as he read the lines of text.
Warning, All transformations included in this box may potentially become irreversible in the following cases: Digestion, ovulation, tampering, deflation, introduction to certain bacteria, defecation...
The list went on an on, for about a small paragraph worth. <i>Half of these don't even make sense.. Exposure to filth? Filth can make a transformation permanent? How!</i>
Carson glanced nervously at the variety of vials, each one a different phosphorescent color. Re-reading the instructions, he found the listed names for each vial..<i></i>
Take out the hot pink vial. 
Take out the lime green vial.
Take out the fiery orange vial.
Take out the forest green vial.
Take out the fire-engine red vial.
Take out the mustard yellow vial.