Fou Roux 


The sunflower is mine. I own the sunflower and I know everything about the sunflower and I control the sunflower and therefore the sunflower is mine. Monet can have his lilies and I'll give Millais his daisies, but I am the dominator of the sunflower. And when I paint one and people see my little puppet covered in petals I want them to say 'that man <i>feels</i> deeply, that man feels <i>subtly</i>.' I want them to say that despite my so-called coarseness, or perhaps precisely because of it!
I'm concerned with the world only in that I have a certain obligation, or duty, if you like, having walked the world for 30-odd years to leave a souvenir of gratitude in the form of paintings or drawings. If I succeed in putting some warmth and love into my work, then it will find friends.
And maybe so will I.
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