The Joys Of Ponyville

Kylea Woodly

Hi! Just so you know, in this story there are many secret endings, both to do with unicorns. They may include rebellious acts, saving an entire kingdom, ruling a city, creating a civilisation or even becoming Doctor Whooves assistant! Your choices may lead to unexpected situations and they will effect you and the environment around you.
Have fun!
You yawn as you wake up and look around. You seem to be in a bed somewhere. It is rather comfy but you get up. Something doesn't seem to be right. You try to think of what happened last night but you can't seem to remember. You look around the room. Maybe you'll remember something then. It is a small room, painted a lime green. You see a mirror on the wall and look inside it. You don't seem to remember what you look like. You seem to be...
... A mare
... A stallion