Whiskey Jenny

Once upon a time, Renay and Gin Jenny were two extremely brave astronauts on the merry ship <i>Beowulf</i>. One morning, their captain blasted through to everyone's pods that she had a very important announcement to make. Everyone hated when she did that, because from within the sleeping pod, the sound reverberated all around and it felt like drowning in a sea of gongs.
When the whole crew gathered, grumbling, Captain Abigail (she HATED her last name, and put anyone who called her by it on latrine duty for a week) rapped on the table to get everyone's attention. She said she had an important mission: the Prime Minister's pet had gone missing. The last time the puppy's tracker had pinged, before going offline, was somewhere on the nearby planet [|Mearcstapa]. You'll need to break out into two teams--the tech support team on the ship, and the team that will be teleporting to Mearcstapa to find and retrieve the puppy. Which team are you on?
Tech team
Search team