The Art of Getting Published

Adam Blades

You think you have a hit. You've just spent the last 6 months of your life cultivating this labour of love that you believe has the potential to not only sell, but to change the way people view the world. It's still not finished but you have sketched out the trajectory of the story. You believe the plan and the manuscript is enough to get a publisher to hand over the advance required to complete it.
Today you are meeting with George Salt, one of the most respected editors at Conglomerate Inc. A publisher that has an incredible catalogue of titles from fiction, to education, to journals. They have established themselves as the monopoly in most UK markets, and export their wares all across the world. You are here to discuss the possibility of your book being placed among their prestigious catalogue.
Accompanying you to the meeting is your literary agent, Amanda Green. A source of constant wisdom and a very close friend. You hurry into the building.
You realise you are running a little late. Amanda has already arrived and is speaking with Mr Salt when you enter the meeting room. There is only three of you there. As you enter, Amanda gives you a welcoming smile and offers a handshake. At the same moment, Mr Salt, who you have not met before, also stands and firmly holds out his hand. You pause.
Shake Amanda's hand
Shake Mr Salt's hand