grayson nygren

One early morning in Africa, In the leaves,and tall grass, lived a tiny hedgehog. He lived in a cave. He was brown, grey, white and black. He had 5,000 prickly spikes on that one tiny back. He was looking for bugs to munch on, the hedgehog thought it's quite dark out so it's easy that the prey won't see him. He set out to find his prey. Minutes later he sees a cricket and he sneaks up,and crunch, he got the prey… BINGO! Than eats it whole and goes back home before morning. The next night he went out to gather leaves for his cave to make it cummfy. A few minutes later he heard rustling in the bushes all the sudden he curls up into a ball with his spikes sticking out.He takes a peak. whatever it was,it is gone, the hedgehog though t, but it might come again.The next day, he sees something in the horizon. He starts running and running in a scared way.As fast as he can!? DUN DUN DUN.
Should the hedgehog run away
Should the hedgehog try to defend himself