Detective Jenkins strikes again

 Sneha Diwyanjali

In a dark and misty night Detective Jenkins was walking. He was walking alone in a dark alley. There were black alley cats approaching him. Detective Jenkins faced them with a shout "Go on you rascals." With a fright the alley cats ran away. Then Jenkins walked right into his house seeing Mr. Walter. Jenkins asked "Walter, what are you doing near that fireplace?" Walter answered "This is a cold place you know." Jenkins had a cold mind and shoved Walter away and yelled "So move on. I am cold too." Then suddenly a woman came rushing in. "Please help me, Detective Jenkins. My husband is going to kill me," said the woman shivering with fright and cold. Without hesitating Jenkins said "It's raining outside. Come and sit near the fire." The woman said "I am Lisa McGuire." Walter looked at her in a strange looking way and said "I'll get you a cup of coffee." Walter rushed into the kitchen and fixed Lisa a cup of tea. Jenkins asked "Why does your husband want to kill you?" Lisa answered "Well I just can't tell you it." Jenkins asked again "If you want us to help you we must know this. Why does your husband want to kill you." The woman went to have a seat and then started talking.
She said that her husband was mad
She said that her husband has just had a call and he's angry