The Adventures of Charlie the Musk Ox

Keegan O'connor

Hello my name is Charlie, I am a Musk ox. I look like a buffalo with two horns coming out of my head. I am unique because I live in the arctic and I am vegetarian. Why are we called Musk ox’s because we have very thick coats and also we have a very strong odor we edmitt. The musk ox lives in Greenland, Canada, Alaska, Norway, the arctic tundra, and Sweden.
The setting of the story is in winter in the Arctic. I’m trying to find food with my herd. When all of a sudden the herd is threatened by an Arctic wolf. We automatically make a circle around the females and children. And then try to defend off the Arctic Wolf off. The arctic wolf is are mane Predator but if one of us is hurt or can't move as fast as the rest of us polar bears can easily eat us.
we will defend off the Arctic Wolf off