The Cinderella Story ( Real life version)

: Jasmine

Series: This story takes place in high school where a girl gets bullied at school by three evil cousins and has to decide where to live. She decided to go and .....
with her nasty Aunt and Uncle, In the end she finds love and moves on with her life.
Beginning So, where it all started in high school where there were my evil cousins there names were Matisan Cooper, Jane Parker, Debra Dallas ( shortened as DD) ( Oldest Sister) now, the guys the first one is Ethan ( The popular guy every girl run’s to), Kevin Marsh ( Katy’s friend).
Middle Katy has been suffering because her mom died in a car crash, before the mom died, the mom bought a cat for Katy’s 14th birthday the cats name is Tim bit and now 6 years later. Katy has been living with her awful Aunt and Uncle and her three evil cousins, and all the cousins ever do is go to parties and hangout with friends, While Katy is stuck at home cleaning the floors. The Aunt seems to only care about the evil daughters of her own. The next day Katy was rushing to school when she opened the bedroom door the cat slipped out went down the stairs and onto the road. Sadly, the cat died when one of the evil cousins guy friend carelessly crushed it. Katy ran to Timbit to if Timbit was okay, but there was no pulse. The next day, Ethan tried making it up to the girl every single day. After a month later they started hanging out on facetime everyday. Next, day the three cousins started to be bossy to Katy saying “ your not invited to the party”. So, Katy had to make all the food for the party, but didn’t get any credit or a thank you. It seemed like she was invisible. However, Ethan seemed to only realize that Katy was missing. Although, the three evil cousins said “ Don’t worry about her let’s dance, but Ethan said “ I have to go” leaving the three evil cousins of Katy’s behind.
Climax The Next day Katy went to school hanging out with Kevin at the park. Later in the day Katy was walking home with Ethan, when suddenly the Mom showed up at the doorstep. Saying “ Hi” , then the mom ignored Ethan and took Katy’s hand inside the house, and there goes Katy sitting down on the coach getting lectured by both aunt and uncle. Finally Katy stood up to her nasty aunt and uncle and went upstairs to pack her suitcase. Now after all that pain Katy named Kevin that she needed help and she doesn’t know what to do, but Kevin is to busy so she decided to call Ethan and tooled him everything, later that night she packed her suitcase and went out the door with Ethan while everyone else was sleeping.
Ending Happily, Katy lived with a family that wasn’t abusive and 2 days later living with Ethan’s family, Katy was in a prom dress walking down the aisle and Ethan was in a tuxedo making there way to prom but, before they took a family photo  and a bigger surprise for Katy was Ethan bought a cat for Katy and the cats name was Ethan. 5 years later, they got married and lived happily ever after. The End (True Story). with her nice Aunt