The Snowmobile Accident 

Kyle, and Grace

Kyle- Kyle and Grace-Mandy Last year my friend Kyle and I took a snowmobile trip to Michigan. It was a three hour drive and we were both anxious to get there. It felt like we would never get there. We both got in an argument about who would get the newest snowmobile. Since Kyle was driving and it was his truck I agreed to let Kyle have the new snowmobile. We still had a lot of driving ahead of us to do and we were getting sick of it.
I wouldn’t drive because I was texting, so Kyle had to. “I thought if I had to drive, then I should be able to have my radio station on,” argued Kyle.
“No. Since you get the new snowmobile, I can have my radio station on.” I said. Finally I gave up and let her have the radio, so I used my iPod. Then we both started to sing two different songs at once. When we arrived, we were so happy to get out of that car! We unloaded the snowmobiles, and were off to the trails in Michigan.
We were going along a curvy trail that had a lot of trees. It was very peaceful until a deer jumped out of the trees, and I hit it.
I got out my phone to call for help, "Don't worry Mandy. I'll call for help." Then I yelled, "My phone battery doesn't last in the cold!”
As I was trying to get my phone to work I was looking at the snowmobile and the deer. The deer must have died instantly and the snowmobile was almost totaled. So Kyle rode his snowmobile 22 miles back into town to try to get help! I was looking at the bloody deer, and the banged up snowmobile. Finally I got back with two guys. Together they took me back into town and got me to the Hospital. While Mandy was at the hospital another guy and I went back to load up the snowmobile. Kyle went back to the deer and moved it to the side, so other snowmobilers could get through.
“Finally we got to hear how bad Mandy was hurt!” It turns out I only had a broken arm, I said, “Next time I will go slower and be more alert.”
We went back to the car, and headed home. Kyle had to drive all the way this time, because I broke my arm.
When we got home, I unloaded the snowmobiles from the trailer. He took it to a body shop and there was $2000 worth of damage! “Mandy and I split the amount, so we would each pay half.” “Maybe next snowmobile season will be better,” I said. “I hope so,” Mandy replied.
We both payed our half of the damage. Know we are going to be waiting for next years snowmobile season, and this time I bet it will be better.