Birth Scenario #2


It’s 8:30 in the evening and your client calls. She said she started having contractions about an hour ago and they have been consistently three minutes apart.  You ask how long they are lasting and she says anywhere from 10-30 seconds.  You talk to her and wait for a contraction so you can ‘hear her’ through it.  After a few minutes, you ask her to let you know when she’s having a contraction (since it’s been several minutes).  She tells you that they have been consistently coming the whole time you’ve been talking.  You ask her where she is feeling them and she tells you that they are mostly in the middle of her belly. You ask if she is having any other physical changes (bloody show, etc). She says "nope, just contractions"! She is birthing at a hospital with a midwifery group.  What do you suggest?
Have her call her midwife on call
Have her go to the hospital
Tell her to lay down and rest
Tell her to hydrate and take a bath or shower