The Taking

CR Staff

Riding up into a small village, you finally come to a full stop in front of a sizable inn. The red haze of the setting sun is at your back, and you're already quite weary from your trip, so this place is as good as any. Plus, as a traveler in this foreign territory, it's not like you were all that picky.
The next day, you find yourself in the pub chair nearest to both the wall and the warm hearth on the near side of the room. You're about to dive into your, let's say second, pint, when a group of beleaguered townsfolk enter speaking of trouble just outside of the town. You overhear their story to the innkeeper; apparently they were ambushed on the road by small creatures and a precious box was stolen. Then, they start making their way around the room, asking if anyone would be willing to retrieve it for them.
Ignore their pleas and keep drinking
Speak up and ask for more information