The Tyrant of Itara

Ben Cortez

You, as a young, idealistic man or woman with a unique mind, live in a distant galaxy that has been ravaged by an unknown disaster. The worlds are barren, and only a handful of survivors are left, and strangely, no one can remember exactly what happened to their galaxy. There are rumors of some that remember that might live in some of the outer planets, but no one knows this for sure. The only luxuries that still exist from the "old galaxy" are advanced technology that allows interplanetary travel via spacecraft and the ability to learn magic spells to alter one's environment or strengthen one's mental reserve. Your planet has a makeshift magic academy you attend, focusing on cerebral and spiritual magic. You are able to just barely get by, living off scavenged parts and food. One day at the academy, you are pulled aside and are told something of great importance...
What's going on?