Emily Gera

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The noble tradition of playing video games is in danger! Somebody's let all these women in and they're wearing SEGA merchandise they probably bought for £8 down Camden Market. What a bunch of phonies, probably! Yuji Naka would be <b>puking blood</b> over this shit.
Remember the good old days? Once, the world of gaming was the jealously guarded property of people who subscribed to Amiga Power in 1991, when the common man had no hope of mastering its arcane secrets. Now seventeen year old girls are walking around saying they enjoy Doctor Who.
You imagine how they'd all probably say their favourite Doctor is Paul McGann. He was in the movie, that doesn't even fucking count, <b>witches!</b>
How will we keep the gamer stock pure unless we provide xenophobic barriers-to-entry like the country of Albania?
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