A Day in the Life of a Sourpatch Kid


The light blinds you as you open your eyes for the first time. You're in a bag with your 350 brothers and sisters. You can see your last name, printed on your bag-house: SourPatch Kids. One of your siblings turns over to you.
"I'm Sourpatch ! Green SourPatch! You can call me Greeny. What's your name?"
"Liam SourPatch," you reply.
"Have you ever wondered what the world outside is like?"
"I've never thinked about it. I've never thinked at all!"
"Well I'll bet it's amazing! We could see it together, you know. Just pop out the top and go on an adventure. Whaddya say?"
"Or we could cut out a bottom corner and we could ALL go!"
You work with Greeny and the other Kids to open a bottom corner.