The Thin Red Line

Dinesh Kumar

<b>“The Bible says, we (Human Beings) does not remember the generation before us and we will not be remembered by the generation after us”.</b>
It came from nowhere, the “Red comet star” unleashes its force towards the orbit as it was sloping down with ferociousness and eventually explodes its own body of particles and scattered its illumination to a millions of miles in the space and thus forming an irresistible energy.
<b>Year: 2010</b>
<b>National Space Research Organization</b>
Chief Astronaut Collins was addressing the press before the departure to “SIRIUS” and he concluded that “MISSION SIRIUS” would be the biggest milestone of NSRO.
At NSRO Launching station, the space shuttle “ENDEAVOR” looks gigantic and chief Collins along with the crew members, Marcus, Scott, Larry were all raring to go for the one big time. Marcus and Scott was bit nervous, because it’s was their first mission on space.
Collins gestured his crew with an intense feeling. As of everyone occupied their respective places inside the space shuttle, the countdown comes to an end as 4... 3... 2... 1... 0 and <b>LAUNCH</b>.
The Ignition started from the propellant and within a heck of a seconds the space shuttle shoots into the air. [Everyone in the NSRO were ecstatic and hailed their achievement]. In a few minutes “ENDEAVOR” marched into the space.
Marcus felt nervousness and bit unstable. Collins transmitting the data to the NSRO along with Larry in a radio contact. Suddenly, Collins saw something on a radar, which was coming against them in a long distance. But, Collins can’t come to a judgment as what it was?
It comes like a hurricane and begin to spread its intensity of illumination. Collins maneuvered his space shuttle, by also having transmission process with NSRO.
Collins – NSRO come in. I’ve got strange thing here – very unusual scattered light – OVER.
NSRO – What is that? – How is it look like? - Can you send me a visual? - OVER.
Collins – I can say exactly what I see, “<b>THIN RED LINE</b>” approaching against us.
Before Collins completing his comment, the radio contact with NSRO has been disconnected.
It was inevitable to Collins and his crew members. They couldn’t avoid that and prepared to meet their destiny. When it reaches and got collide with space shuttle, some unknown energy begin to conquer them and left them helpless.
Within a second, a dark energy pulls the space shuttle inwards in a violent motion. The space shuttle stuck in the whirlwind. For the next 20 min. everyone in the space shuttle hold their seats tightly and this situation left everyone in doldrums.
Finally space shuttle was thrashed into the deep space. After sometime, Marcus came to realize that they have actually entered into an orbit of a new planet. Collins and his crew members tried to stabilize their space shuttle and after a few hiccups, they manage their “ENDEAVOR” into a safe landing.
Actually, it’s not a safe landing. The front side of the space shuttle has been damaged by a “rock like structure” and cause a slight disturbance inside the shuttle. They don’t know where they’re. But they know it’s not their destination. Everyone slowly stepped out from the shuttle cautiously.
Chief Collins was the first to foot on that unknown planet. After stepping on it, Collins realize that the gravity was in control and balanced state. This make them a bit surprise. Collins instructed the crew members to repair the space shuttle for the return flight.
But Marcus had other idea, if we return to home it’ll be taken as a failure mission to nation. So, if we navigate on this new planet, we can get something new and we can take some samples for our research.
Collins accepted the Marcus idea.
Collins took a small vehicle from the space shuttle and tell Marcus to join with him. Larry and Scott stayed in the shuttle and continued their repairing works. Collins started an expedition and they were traveled to the places, which were mostly surrounded by mountains.
In that some of the mountains emitted smoke. Marcus suggested the some mountains in here are volcano, if it smokes it definitely need oxygen in the atmosphere. By hearing this Collins slowly removed his helmet and he can feel free to breathe on that unknown planet.
In that some of the mountains emitted smoke. Marcus suggested the some mountains in here are volcano, if it smokes it definitely need oxygen in the atmosphere. By hearing this Collins slowly removed his helmet and he can feel free to breathe on that unknown planet.
In the meanwhile, Larry and Scott finished their repairing works. Suddenly Larry saw something on the radar, that another hurricane or similar to sandstorm is approaching all over the place. By seeing this Scott contacted Collins to warn them.
While Collins and Marcus were collecting some rock particles, Marcus radio beeps and Scott was in the other corner. There is a storm ahead, it will going to collide with us less than 10 minutes. Come back ASAP. By hearing this both started from there.
On halfway, both of them feel the wind, that which is nearing them on force. Anyhow, they reached the shuttle and prepared to shoot in the space again. Shuttle takes off in the air slowly. Storm nears them.
On that heavy wind, the rock (which they crashed while landing) was wiped out from mud and seems like some sort of inscription. While shuttle was in the air, Marcus noticed the rock clearly on a different angle, which isn’t a rock. It’s a statue.
On their final go, Marcus cleanly look the structure of the statue, which was like a women holding a torch on its right hand and a book on its left, which says,
<b>JULY IV</b>
Marcus was the only person to saw that and realizes that was an English alphabets. A question raises on his mind, “Where do we all came from?”
Finally, the ENDEAVOR escaped from the storm and traveled in the space. When everyone got relaxed Collins said that, 
“It’s a new discovery. Our planet “PLATOON” is going to treat our as a heroes. And we’re going to land at the time of YUCATAN NEW YEAR 2011. HAPPY NEW YEAR TO EVERYONE.”