The MidNight train


Your eyes shoot open as a sharp pain erupts from your stomach. Wide awake looking around you find your briefcase on your chest and your partner standing beside your bed.
"Good morning, investigator it looks like we will be getting another case. While you've been sleeping, there has been a murder on the train. The staff decided that we should pick who did it since they dont have enough forces to detain more than one person"
Leaning back in your bed you feel the rumble of the train while you recall your situation. You and your partner boarded the train to Atlanta, just coming back from an ongoing investigation. Last night you and your partner went to the cabins to get to some sleep. Glancing at the clock you confirm its only been five hours since you went to bed at 11:00 p.m.
Finally looking up at your partner, you see him pacing back-and-forth in front of the door. Seeing you paying attention to him, he flashes you a smile "Get dressed and look through those documents. Find me when your ready to start". He steps out and closes the door behind him, leaving you sitting on your bed with your briefcase.
Getting up, you go through the motions pulling on the clothes you can find and you sit down again.
Look through the briefcase
Go find your partner