Fall Of Rimrock


As the sun fell behind the snowy mountains, and the last rays of light faded into the blackness night most of the men feared they would never see them again. The soldiers of Rimrock stood at their posts and readied themselves for what was to be a long night. The snow beg an to trickle down slowly and with it brought the cold that numbed the sodiers to the bone.They were waiting for a attack from the wild men of Caindridge. These men came from the western plains and had banded together under the same idea of taking over all the lands around them. In their was was the central northern and southern kingdoms each with its own strength. But before the kingdoms could be taken the great fort near their borders needed to fall.The Fort of Rimrock was contructed to be a warning to the kingdoms incase of attack. It had been tried at many times by the wild men but never with the numbers that threatened it that night. The fort had a great wall surrounding it made of stone and standing at 40 feet tall it was no easy object to surpass. It was fortified and 15 feet thick of pure stone. There were several archer towers stationed around the walls. All of which had a roof and open area for archers to be stationed. The front gate was two feet thick of solid oak, it was double door and had never fallen during a siege. As the moon rose and cast its dim light down on the lands the it reflected off the ground that was now covered in snow and the enemy became visible. They were stationed right on the edge of the forest just outside the archers range, poised and ready to assault at a moments notice. Yet they waited. The men of Rimrock grew restless but they still stood their ground vigilantly and ready for whatever the night was to bring… or so they thought. Then there was a glow seen in the forest and the men stood dumb founded trying to figure out what it was
Command to stand post and be ready
Command to run and takecover