Snowy Snare


I will never forget November 5, 2007 in Charlevoix, Michigan. Gale warnings had been posted by the National Weather Service. My chocolate lab, Xena, and I still needed to get in our daily four miles.
So it was off to Fisherman Island State Park.  Roaring through the trees were 40 mile per hour winds.  Rain stung our faces.  The sound was deafening as the waves crashed upon the beach.  With pounding heart I raced our route, hurrying my furry friend along, worried sick a tree might come crashing down at any time.
Suddenly without warning, the rain turned to sleet and in a moment's breath, the sleet turned into snow.  Quickly it became so heavy I could not even see my hand in front of my face, let alone the road.  How would we stay on track back to the car without going into the raging waters of the lake or getting lost in the tree-tangled woods?
What are Gale Warnings?
Where is Charlevoix, Michigan?
Should I let Xena go?
Should I find shelter?