Wug The Bug

Jocelyn, Amelia 82

Wug The Bug There was a once a bug named Wug, and he was a bug.  He was, Wug the bug.He lived in an apple.  While on his tv, (Ipod nano)he got a message from someone online. It said “u suk”.  Wug was sad for a moment and then he realized what he should do. Wug the bug picked up his tv and threw it against his apple wall. He didn't know what to do with himself.  “Why would anyone tell me i suk?”. Wug was filled with rage. He was furious. He wanted to do something about this. “ This… This ….. THIS THING SAID I SUK BUT I WILL SHOW HIM.” So Wug waddled out of his house and onto the grass.. He wanted to go find this thing. BUT THEN! Wug thought to himself “Wait a minute, how big is he going to be. I’ve never even seen him before. Oh no.” He started doubting himself. “Maybe I do… suk....”. Wug waddled back to his house. Head down in sadness. “I.. suk..” he muttered to himself.  While he was waddling to his house, he wasn’t realizing where he was walking. He hit a tree. He passed out.          When he “woke up”. He didn’t know where he was. He was greeted by a beautiful face. “WUG!!” The “lady bug” shrieked. “You’re alive!” she hugged him tightly and he was confused. “ do I know you?” Wug asked, confused and slightly scared. “I am your ‘ant’ mug silly! Uncle lug is out cutting leaves. He’s a ‘luggerjack’.  “A luggerjack?” Wug thought. Wug tried to get up off the bed but he was a bit wobbly. He waddled to the kitchen to get some food. Mug followed him. “I made you a sandwich” Mug said softly. “Thanks…. I don’t like tomatoes., sorry.” ¨It’s okay just take them off.¨ So he slowly took his hand to take the tomato off. He´s hand touched the tomato. ¨ehw¨ all the chins appeared on his bug body and he flicked the tomato quickly off his hand.  It landed on Mug’s face. “I am going to take care of you until your head gets better.” Mug said. “What?! I am leaving after I eat this sandwich.” Wug stated. “I am not going to yell at you Wug, but I am not letting you leave. You are unstable right now.” “What? You knew?” Wug said confusedly. “Yes, I heard someone told you that ‘you suk’ “ She said with tears starting to form in her eyes. She started to cry. “Wait, why are you crying? I was the one who got bullied.” Wug said going towards her to give her a hug…. From Wug. “I just remember when I was a little bug, and I used to get bullied too. Someone told me to shut up.  It hurt my feelings. I don’t want anything bad to happen to you Wug. You’re a good Bug.” She replied with tears coming down her face.       
He stays with "ant" Mug.
He leaves "ant" Mug