Beyond Us

Written: Blake

<b>Episode One</b>
<i>"No we will talk about this in the morning"</i> -Tom
<i>"Okay 8:30am sharp." </i>- Boss
Tom ends the call as he walks in on his 15 year old son, Dylan laying on the couch<i> </i>
<i>"Hmm he must've fallen asleep" </i>
"Wha-...!" Dylan wakes up to the smell of gas, as he hears glass break somewhere in his house as he comes to his senses Tom, his dad comes barging in through his door
"Son take this" Tom said as he tossed a pistol to Dylan "But da-" as Dylan is trying to process what is going someone rushed into the room grunting and breathing heavily, Tom looked back at him then looked at Dylan and pushed him through his window, just as Dylan's house blew up with a huge explosion. Dylan blacked out...
<b>Episode Two</b>
"Ahhh" said Dylan as he awoke inside of his wooden cabin hidden deep in the woods. He got up and decided it would be best to use the last of the water to take a shower,
After his shower he put on some clothes and grabbed his wooden bow, the last six of his arrows, and sets out to hunt for some breakfast, after a few minutes of tracking he spots a deer, lines up a shot and releases the arrow, it hits the deer right in the leg, crippling it. after finishing the deer off, he dragged it back to his cabin and ate some, while finishing his breakfast he heard some crunching leaves outside his cabin, he knew by the frequency of the crunching there must be more than one thing out there, after listening a few minutes more he heard them discuss searching for supplies in the cabin, Dylan knew what these kind of people were capable of so he took no chances he found a piece of wood in the cabin and waited for them to walk in. The first hunter walked in and he was able to land a direct hit on the back of his head with the big piece of wood. The other hunter without hesitation took a shot at Dylan with a hunting rifle and nailed him right in his foot, It was extremely painful but Dylan could bare it long enough to notice the shine of one of the first scavengers knives in the light so he took it from his body and threw it at the other one with great force. it hit him the arm hard enough so that he dropped his rifle and Dylan took this opportunity to rush the wounded scavenger with his pocket knife and finished him off. "They wont be needing this anymore" Dylan said as he picked up the scavengers hunting rifle. <i>These guys may have not been alone, and that gunshot made quite a lot of noise, maybe I should leave for a bit just incase someone or something shows up</i> Dylan thought to himself as he left the cabin. after 30 minutes of walking through the woods, Dylan came across 2 people, a twelve year boy named Colten and a 15 year old girl named Skylar...
                       <b>Episode Three</b>
As Skylar, Dylan and Colten are walking through the woods silently, Skylar decides to break the silence with a question, "Hey, uh Dylan where are your parents?" Dylan stops for a moment and remembers the events that took place when he lost his father. And then continues through the woods..
The Truth