Anything Can Happen in Nowhere


<i>The say that those who preform the ritual are never seen again. No one know what happens, because no one dares to try. The ritual itself would put you in hell. </i>
<i>The arm of a brother and blood of a lamb, bones of a friend and the fortune of foe. Water and grass gathered in paradise, but must be used in hell.</i>
It took you three months to gather the necessary items. Even longer to find where to use them. They sit in the middle of a large circle, drawn in your blood. You step into the middle of the circle, on top of the ingredients. You reveal a long knife. Knowing that you're already going to die, you plunge it into your chest.
Blood pools around you, spilling from the wound. You feel your life slipping away, until there is nothing.<i></i>
You wake up with sun blasting your eyes, it hurts. What happened? Where are you? How did you get here? What do you do?
Try to Remember
Get up and Look Around