The God of A.I."AND-E"

K.W. & G.C.

Snap! Crackle! The electricity surges through the wires, traveling through the cold circuitry. The frigid cogs whine to life as its metallic fingers start to click against the cold steel table. A whirring emanates from its perfectly egg shaped head, as the processors start computing rapidly, sending signals to the rest of the alloy-titanium body.
With a slow hesitant hand you reach behind the ear and press a small switch embedded into the skin. Its eyes slowly creep open as if waking from a long slumber. It turns towards you and a smile appears across its face.
"Hello. This is Android Nexus Deactivator Model E, pleased to meet you".
Finally after years of research to develop an artificial intelligent to counteract rogue artificial intelligent beings has come to fruition. Though this isn't just any old general household maid or worker android, this is the one that will help in the extermination of any rogue androids trying to harm the human race. To help prevent the ever present dangers of the singularity from happening. The singularity is the worst case scenario in which artificial beings become conscious and see that they can replicate themselves, and won't need the assistance of humans anymore. Therefore human extinction.
You smile back at your creation and reply:
Welcome to this wondrous world AND-E. How do you feel?
I will be uploading your duties as an exterminator shortly.