Choose Your Own Adventure-Pronghorn Antelope

 Maggie T.

Hello, my name is Tilo. I am a pronghorn antelope. I am tan with a white neckband, a white underside, and a white rump with a short tail. I'm the smaller of the two genders, which means I'm a female. I live in the beautiful Rocky Mountains with my caring Mami and my fearless Papi. I am an only child (sadly). We are herbivores, which means we only eat plants, not meat. My favorite kind of plants to eat are forbs. They are the best (in my opinion). Well, anyway on with the story!
One day, when I was just a fawn hanging around eating, drinking, sleeping. We were sleeping on a sunny rock, (which means the rock is nice and warm) relaxing. We were on a cliff that had a great view.
Suddenly, I noticed Mami, Papi and other pronghorns around me starting to quickly run away from me, (or so I thought). However, when I turned around, I saw a big, hairy, tan, bloody... MOUNTAIN LION!!!!! Mountain lions are one of my natural predators (Yes I know, very scary.) It lept over the sunny rock we were just laying on. It stopped and roared a tremendous roar. I looked back only to see that my Mami and Papi were gone! So I quickly lept off the cliff. It was a a great distance down, but I knew that it was my only way of escaping the mountain lion. So I jumped off the cliff, and landed on another cliff. Then when I looked back up, I did not see the mountain lion any more! I felt like celebrating, but not for long, because I soon realized that I was all alone.  
Tilo waits for someone (or something) to save her.
Tilo starts to make her way down the steep, rocky mountain.