Choose your own adventure


Oscar the Ostrich by Frida.My name is Oscar. I am a ostrich. We have tall oval bodies. We have brown and black wings and feathers, but we cannot fly. We have strong legs and flat heads. We eat mostly roots and sometimes snakes. I was a clumsy ostrich, just to let you knowI live in the colony of ostriches. The colony is pretty boring all we do is collect food and please the lead hen. WWWHHHHHAAAAAAAATTTT ARE YOU THINKING! She is not a chicken! She a is one of the females of the colony! If she heard you insulting her she would kick you off a cliff or something like that! Anyway, now to my story. I stopped at the water hole that our colony was resting at. We were running for 4 long days straight  in the hot African savanna.There are tall trees and long plains and mountains.With our tall legs, oval bodies, long necks, and flat head’s we were tired. I was thirsty so I went to get a drink when the danger alert sounded and there, right behind me, was a… LION! It was standing right behind me ready to pounce. It looked hungry! Should I fight back or run away? Go to fight back if you want to fight back  go to fight back if you want to run away go to run away
Fight back
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