Pytha and the Magic Theorem

Titser Yahwe

Once there was a young girl name Pytha, who owned a magical wand called <i>Theorem</i>. She always want to travel everywhere together with her best friend name Gorean. They really love adventures as they go to different places such as Korea, Taiwan, Germany and Italy.
One day, while they are on there way going back home, a black wizard block there way. The wizard tried to get the Theorem to them but Pytha and Gorean fight for it. They fight each other using the magical word of multiplication table. Unfortunately, when Pytha and Gorean got tired, the wizard took the opportunity to get the magical Theorem from them.And the Theorem was get by the wizard.
That Theorem comes from the very ancestors of Pytha that is why it is very important not only to her but also to her family. That is why they search they search for the location of the wizard and get the Theorem. The wizard live on the 3rd pyramid in Egypt. Pytha and Gorean start to travel going to Egypt. It takes 3 days before they reach Egypt. On the 4th day of there travel, they reach that 1st pyramid in Egypt. The only way to cross the pyramid is to answer the question written on it's gate so that the gate will be open. The question is written like this: Find the hypotenus of the pyramid knowing that it's altitude is 481.d meters and its's base is 377.9 meters.
612.01 meters
592.05 meters