by Henry

It was one cold morning in the Rocky Mountains.
I am Mike the moose and I was very hungry. It was 5:00 in the morning. So I set out to find some food. My favorite food in the world is a bright yellow sunflower. I also like to eat fruits, and plants. A moose is solitary animal. We don’t usually hang out with others. We usually sleep in a den in the forest.I have two big antlers on either side of my head. An adult male moose can have antlers that are 200 centimeters wide. Moose use their antlers to fight.On this morning, I walked to a hill near a patch of sunflowers. But the wolves hang out there. I was so close and then I heard a few wolves waking up. I tried to get three flowers but then one wolf saw me… Part 2!!!The wolf jumped on me so I kicked him. The bloodthirsty wolf hit the rock right behind him. His head started to bleed. I ran away as fast as I could (which is 35 miles an hour). So when I got back to my mountain I only had one sunflower and a big cut on my chest. I heard an “Ooooooorrrrrrrww,” So I went to the top of the mountain to look. I was terribly mad! I looked down the mountainside, past the rocks and boulders. I saw them. There was a pack of wolves. All of them were as big as a train from my view! I went to take a closer look. The mountain was very steep and rocky. Suddenly I slipped on a loose rock and began to slide down the mountain. A wolf saw me. The wolf’s claws were as big as knifes.The wolf that saw me said, “Ooooorrrrrrww!” to his pack. All of them came after me. Their teeth were sharper than needles. The pack was a sea of black and brown, like a vast barren land. It made me feel very scared. I felt like they were going to kill me. They were about to eat me, but then they heard a gunshot and ran as fast as they could. The hunter came up to with his gun, pointed right at me I was trying to tell him he shouldn’t shoot me but it was too late!If the hunter hits the moose, go to
Should the hunter miss his shot?
Should the hunter kill the moose?