It was a cold night...very cold. You were freezing and held your hands together in hopes to get warm. Your eyes were staring down at your Uber app. Your friends had ditched you after you got in a fight with one of them, and they were your ride. Admittingly, you all had way more to drink then you expected, but it doesn't matter. You were kind of happy you weren't in the car with all of your other friends, for since they were drunk, you probably would've gotten into a car crash or something along those lines. Even though you were young, (14), you grew up in a pretty awful family, so you quickly were taught that you can drink as long as you're a teenager, for your mother and father didn't care. Your other friends were 16-18, but they let you hang out with them since if you didn't, you would be beaten at home, or worse.
"Ah." You remember thinking as you wait for the taxi/uber to pull up. "Where is she?" Just as you were about to call it quits, a shady-looking taxi comes rolling up the street.
"You Alice?" You asked. There were two people in the car - a boy and a girl.
"Yes, that's me. This is my husband, Jerry." She said.
"Cool, nice to meet you." You state as you go in the backseat. The black car looked normal for the most part, with a couple of radio speakers in the front.
The girl was rather pretty with chestnut brown hair and a white top on. Her eyes were brown like her hair.
The husband, named Jerry, was cute too. He had brown hair and what looked like a beard growing.
The girl kept her eyes on the road and quickly, the car immediately starts to drive, without you saying anything. Maybe they knew your address already? You get a little freaked out. Should you run or stay in the car?
Get out of there!
Stay in the car!