The Adventures of Jen and Jerry

Alexandra Lal

Once upon a time aka 2016, there were two Bearded dragons named Jen and Jerry. Jen and Jerry were small little four inch lizards. They had an average life. They ate live crickets every day. They liked to bathe, run, jump, and play with their owners, the kids.
One day their owners forgot to put the lid to their cage back on, so they escaped into the hallway. The hallway had a bathroom on the left side. Their escape was hard because their cage was on a shelf, so they had to jump down on a chair and then to the wooden floor to get to the hallway.
Suddenly the dog Daisy ran after them. Jerry screamed, “Aaaaahhhh!!!” They were only 4 inches and the dog was 20 pounds. Daisy was a cairn terrier mixed with a Westie aka a medium size dog with white fur. But of course Daisy didn’t seem so small to little Jen and Jerry. The dog was an enormous hairy giant! With bad breath! Right when Jen and Jerry caught Daisy’s eye she darted toward them. Little Jen and Jerry ran for their lives.
Should Jen and Jerry run upstairs
Or to run into the bathroom