The Freelancer's Survival Guide

Wes Locher

<i>This short interactive narrative was created by Wes Locher, writer of comic books and video games, based on the day-to-day challenges of working as a full time freelancer.</i>
<i>To learn more about Wes' comics and games, visit him online at [|].</i>
After nearly a decade of slaving away under the unflattering fluorescent light bulbs at your nine-to-five job, yesterday was your last day.
Two weeks earlier your boss begrudgingly accepted your letter of resignation. You had slaved over the memo with painstaking detail to ensure it was elegantly written with perfect word choice, cadence and rhythms. When you handed it to your superior, the bastard only skimmed it briefly before tossing it into his "out" box.
Part of you wanted to demand he acknowledge your perfect font choice and clever use of headers and footers, but the other part of you was overtaken by the feel of impending freedom.
While you wanted to be the one to break the good news to your coworkers, Hazel from accounting had overheard you while passing by the boss' office en route to steal a sandwich from the refrigerator.
Hazel told Tiffany, who told Nola, who told Lucas who opened his stupid face to Hugo and, long story short, everyone already knew before you took a step out of the office.
Regardless of how the news got out, it made you the envy of all your peers when you loudly announced at the monthly potluck (to which you once again brought nothing) that after four years of hard work and long nights building up your clientele list, you were going to be freelancing full time.
Not only would you be your own boss and finally live your dream, but you also took the liberty of informing your soon-to-be former coworkers that at <i>your</i> office...
Pants would be optional.
The day would not begin at 9 a.m.
Everyday would be bring-your-pet-to-work day.