Generals AM

By: Dalton Loftus, Maddeline Mintle, Nick Rea, and Dane Fuchs

Generals The Civil War was a war fought inside of our country. Our country had become divided between the North and South. The Northerners wanted slavery to be outlawed throughout the country. While the Southerners believed slavery was necessary to function and wanted them to stay allowed, and that to outlaw slavery was taking away their freedom. Northerners argued that slavery was taking away the freedom of the slaves. They lived in the U.S. they had the right to do as they pleased. As soon as they became slaves their personal bubble was popped. The Civil war was a bloody war with lots of individual battles. Such as The Battle of Shiloh, The Battle of Gettysburg, The first and second Battle of Bull Run. These battles all were controlled by a few people. The Generals directed everybody on there side. They commanded soldiers and created attacks. They made the plans for how they would respond to others attacks and made sure everybody knew what to do at the right time. Generals on both side did some amazing things .
Confederate and Union but, Which side will you choose?