Once in a Lifetime


Fate had finally brought Taeyeon and Tiffany together, where they go from here is up to you...
Japan was completely unlike anything Taeyeon had ever experienced. She was letting Tiffany handle the translation while she focused on planning their next destination. Tiffany knew <i>some</i> Japanese, but most of the words and phrases she encountered were new to her too, but she surely wasn't letting Taeyeon know that.
Feeling as though they could save time by asking for directions, Tiffany stops a random man on the street and asks him where the Lover's Shrine is. Ancient legend tells that a young couple can have their wish granted at this shrine, if they wish for it under a full moon. Luckily, tonight happened to be a full moon.
The man seemed nice enough and agrees to lead Tiffany and Taeyeon to the Lover's Shrine at once. He states that he knows a shortcut and leads them down a dark alley. He suddenly stops abruptly, reaches into his pocket, and pulls out a knife! "Money!" the man yelled. Taeyeon and Tiffany look at each other and know something must be done...
Taeyeon tries to take the knife away from him
Tiffany tries to use her womanly charms to disarm him
Calmly try to reason with him
Quickly turn and try to run away