Black Sunset

Temiloluwa Bankole and Ropafadzo Chinake

It is a bright and sunny day in Cape Town, the students of Dr. Nelson Mandela High School have just graduated and are officially free. In the courtyard of the school, Nakia Brown is pouting because she just missed her one shot at telling Kang Min Ho how she feels about him. She is just 5 minutes too late. She saw him from afar and was about to approach him when a friend stopped her to take pictures and when she looked up, he was gone. Min Ho is off on his European adventure before University and Nakia doesn't know when she is going to see him next. She is heartbroken and decides to go after Min Ho to confess her feelings for him. She doesn't know exactly where he will be but she heard that he was traveling to five specific countries in Europe. The United Kingdom, Netherlands, Italy, France, and Greece. She needs to start somewhere and he will be moving around so she has to act quick. She has to be fast and make the right decisions because at any moment he could move and it could be too late. She was going to call him, but what she had to say was too important to say over a small piece of technology, it must be said in person. So her journey begins.
Nakia is only allowed two days to go and search for Min Ho before she must prepare for her own future and return home. Leaving Nakia with only enough time to visit one country. As the player, you must choose wisely for Nakia only has one shot at reaching her true love before she must go back.
Netherlands - Amsterdam
United Kingdom - London
Greece - Santorini
Italy - Rome
France - Paris