The Day I Have Been Waiting For

Jillian-Patrice Tropnas

Allison Tanner had been waiting her whole life for this moment, the moment she went to State University for college. "Hurry or you"ll be late!" Hollered Allison's mom. Allison's mom hated being late, it bothered her so much. "Coming." Allison replied. Allison got there just in time."Finally!" "Now to start the two hour drive from Raleigh to State."
"Wake up Ally we're here!" Allison nearly jumped out of her seat just to look at her new campus. Even though she had been there before. "Wow this is a lot larger than I remember." Suddenly she didn't want to leave home to go to college. Apparently a sick expression showed on her face so her mom said "You'll be fine I know you." You're tough." They parked close to Ally's new dorm. Allison had already met Arron her roommate. After the few minutes they had talked they were best friends. "It will fun to have Arron around at college." Allison thought. While Allison daydreamed about what college would be like, her mom had started to unload boxes and crates from the car. Finally the last of Ally's things were put in her dorm. "I'll see you on holidays and breaks." "Love you and bye." Allison's mom wasn't the emotional type but for the first time ever Ally saw tears in her moms eyes. "Goodbye." Allison and her mom said at the same time.
When Arron arrived with her parents at 3:00pm the same scenario happened, the goodbyes and tears. When everyone left Arron and Allison hugged each other, talked and laughed. As they started to unpack Arron asked. "What are you going to do after college?" "Hmmmm, well I'm going to try to get into vet school because I have a fascination with animals!" What do you want to do?" "I want to be an artist and make sculptures and paintings!" They talked about their future plans until 12:15am Allison fell asleep first and then Arron. They dreamed of what the first day of college would be like.
The next morning Arron woke up to their alarm clock at 7:30am. "Happy First Day of College!" Arron hollered. "Ugh." Allison moaned. She wasn't exactly a morning person. After literally dragging Allison out of bed, Arron took a shower, dressed in her favorite outfit of blue jeans and a neon pink shirt. An hour later both girls were ready to rule the day but first they needed breakfast. They got in the line to get breakfast for 15 minutes, got their food then sat down to dig in. "Wow these are the best pancake I've ever had!" Exclaimed Ally. Mean while Arron was to busy stuffing her face with bacon and eggs to answer. When both of the girls were stuffed Arron and Allison's first day college began.
"That was not as glamorous as I thought it would be. Arron complained "I know how you feel." I imagined meeting a bunch of new people, and going to see the fun part of the campus like the pool and the miniature park behind our dorms." Allison sighed. "All we did was look at classroom after classroom and learn where the bathrooms are." To make matters worse the others students were pretty quiet and boring."Arron explained. As soon as she said that a tall, blonde girl barged into the dorm room. "I have terrible news!" She yelled.
"I can't believe it." Allison said with tears in her eyes. Allison mother had passed away last night which was unusual because her mother was only in her forties. It was the worst thing Allison had ver heard, how could she go through the rest of college without her mom safe at home? To be continued.......