Lady Gaga Concert

Olivia and Annie

Raquel and I were looking forward to the Lady Gaga concert all year. We bought our tickets in January, eight months before the concert. We had all the CDs and t-shirts that we could find. I left super early so that I could save a spot in the line for us. I was in the line at the concert when I got a call from Raquel.
“Hey Rachel, super big emergency! I’m gonna be late! My mom said I had to do my chores first, so dumb!” Raquel said in a cranky voice.
“O to the M to the G! Oh no this is bad, this is bad,” I said.
“I know right! Ugh! Anyways…I’m like half hour away. So, I’ll be a few minutes late. Wait for me outside!” Raquel squealed.
I said in a hushed voice,  “Just hurry up! I can’t go in there by myself, but I also don’t want to be late.”
Raquel replied, “You’ll be fine. Nobody’s gonna take our seats. Stop being a child.”
“I don’t care about my attitude, just hurry up.”
Raquel sassed back, “Don’t tell me what to do! I’ll be there when I get there, bye!”
I heard the people inside the concert having so much fun. I just wished that Raquel would hurry up. I didn’t want to miss too much of the concert. 20 minutes later Raquel pulled up. I was so excited.
“Finally you’re here! Come on let’s go inside,” I said.
“Coming, coming! Let’s go!” Raquel screamed running inside.
When we walked inside, we accidently bumped into someone. We looked up to see Lady Gaga, right in front of us! We looked at each other and held our breath, because we knew if we didn’t, we would scream. But we couldn’t stand it, we had to scream…but not so loud. Lady Gaga just laughed.
“O to the M to the G it’s Lady Gaga!” I said excitedly.
“What do we do? Like, bow or something?” Raquel asked looking like a 5-year-old on Christmas morning.
“ I don’t know maybe?” I said with a puzzled look.
“It’s okay, are you two big fans?” Lady Gaga asked.
“Like the biggest! I can’t believe that Lady Gaga is talking to us,” I said in an exciting voice.
Lady Gaga paused and said, “Since all my fans started to run into my concert so fast, I never found people to give these V.I.P. and backstage passes to. Would you guys like---”
“Yes of course! Ahhhhhhh,” I interrupted.
“Okay, here you go.” Lady Gaga replied handing us our tickets.
“Oh my……thank you so much! Is this real life?” Raquel said in fancy land.
“It’s really happening Raquel! Thank you so much Lady Gaga!” Rachel said fangirling.
“You’re very welcome. See you after the concert.” Lady Gaga said walking to the stage.
We walked into the concert like we owned the place. We tried to get up to the front but we didn’t have much luck. Security guards were blocking the front until we showed them our V.I.P. tickets. Then they let us through.
“EKKKKK! It’s happening!” Raquel screamed over the music, which was our hero singing her song, “Just Dance.”
“This is like a dream come true and more,” I said.
“It really is,” Raquel replied.
“We really need to get a picture with Lady Gaga.”
“Yes, yes we do. We’ll get it when we’re backstage with her, having so much fun!” Raquel said.
Lady Gaga then started singing my favorite song “Paparazzi”. The whole crowd started to jam out when we heard the song.  She sang a few more songs and then the concert was over. We headed over to the stage and the security guards told us to go left to get to the party.
“Hey! Girls! Over here!” Lady Gaga said waving at us.
“O to the M to the G we just got called over by Lady Gaga!” I said.
“Come on, let’s go! Let’s go party!” Raquel screamed running over to Lady Gaga. We walked up to her and hugged her. We told her our names and she said, “Nice to meet you two, well, before the concert of course.”
“Would you guys like your makeup done before the party?” she asked us.
“Would we?! Of course!” Raquel exclaimed jumping up and down like a puppy.
We quickly headed over to the makeup department and got our makeup all done. It tooks us a half an hour but we looked really nice. When we looked in the mirror we thought we looked like mini Lady Gagas.“Perfect! Now let’s get you into something nicer,” Lady Gaga said.
“Oh wow! This is amazing!” Raquel said while she looked at a baby blue dress that goes to the knees with some white cowgirl boots. Lady Gaga told Raquel to sit in the hair chair for a hair makeover.
“Is this a dream? Please pinch me,” I said while the waitress in the black dress passed by me.
“You guys look fabulous!” Lady Gaga said.
I was in a dark blue dress that goes to my knees with some black flats, while Raquel was in a baby blue dress to the knees and cowgirl boots. We both had our hair up in a braided crown.
“You look gorgeous in your dress,” I said admiring both of us.
“Thanks! You do too,” Raquel blushed.
“Now it’s time to party,” Lady Gaga said.
“EK! Awesome! Who’s going to be there?” Raquel squealed.
“The usual Katy Perry, Will Smith, Adam Sandler, and I think a few more people,” Lady Gaga said.
“Like One Direction and 5 Seconds of Summer?” Raquel practically fainted.
“Yes of course! I’m like super close to Luke Hemmings and Niall Horan.” Lady Gaga said smiling.
“Raquel has had a bit of a crush on Niall Horan since the fifth grade,” I said.
“Shut up!” Raquel squealed blushing a shade of crisma red.
“Well, maybe I can get you two to meet each other.” Lady Gaga said winking.
Lady Gaga, Raquel, and I walked into the party. When I looked around and I saw Beyonce and Madonna partying by the punch table. Raquel and I were amazed by who was there.
“Gaga,” Raquel heard an Irish accent say behind her. Raquel turned around to see who was talking to Lady Gaga. It was no other than the famous boy bander, Niall Horan. Raquel’s mouth dropped and her eyes widened in pure shock.
“Hey Lady Gaga and girls,” Niall said waving to us.
“Hey Niall,” Lady Gaga.
“Raquel just calm down,” I whispered to Raquel said while she stood there freaking out.
“Just calm down,” Niall said trying to calm down Raquel.
Once Raquel finally calmed down we started to talk to other celebrities. There were so many people there wearing Ralph Rucci designs. They all looked so sophisticated and proper. We freaked out a little when we saw Channing Tatum came over to talk to us.
So now, we were talking to a ton of famous people. It was the best moment of our lives. Raquel was having conversation with Niall, while Rachel was having a conversation with Channing Tatum. Raquel then heard a gasp escape from Rachel’s mouth.
“O to the M to the G it’s Chace Crawford!” I said with a gleam in my eye.
“Fangirl moment!” Raquel said laughing as Niall and Channing looked at us like we were aliens from Mars.
“AHHHHHHH!!!!” I screamed inside so no one would think I’m an idiot.
“Hello ladies, I heard that you came with Lady Gaga. She’s the best ever, many people think she’s weird but she’s a carefree person,” Chace Crawford said.
“So like Niall!” Raquel said with a dead serious tone. Everyone around just stared at her. “Sorry, I have---never mind,” Raquel said looking down to her feet. Rachel stifled a laugh, because Raquel was about to say she had a crush on Niall.
“Hey,” Niall called to us,”Come over and hang out with us.”
“Okay,” Raquel said in a joyful tone. Raquel and Rachel walked over to where Niall was, not only Niall, but the rest of One Direction and 5 Seconds of Summer.
“Oh my gersh! It’s 5 Seconds of Summer and One Direction! Weird question but Harry, can I touch your curls?” Raquel said fangirling so hard right now.
“Sure,” Harry said. Raquel touched his curls and started freaking out like a 4-year-old getting candy on Halloween. Harry laughed and Raquel just smiled while blushing.
“So, what’s your guys name?” Ashton asked.
“Raquel and Rachel,” Raquel said pointing to themselves when she said the names.
“Cute names…” Louis said.
“Thanks Louis,” I said smiling to show off my dimples.
“Oh my flappy bird! I’m not the only one with dimples!” Harry said excitedly.
After we chatted with them Lady Gaga comes up behind us and says, “You guys gotta meet someone.”
Lady Gaga led us through many people. We didn’t stop until we got to the punch table. We didn’t know who Lady Gaga had brought us to until he turned around.
“AHH! Jason, is it you?!” Raquel said in a high pitched girly voice.
“It’s me! Is that you Raquel?” he said looking at Raquel with a tint of hope in his eyes.
“Yeppers!” Raquel squealed hugging Jason.
“Where did you guys meet and why didn’t you tell me you know Jason Derulo?” I asked looking straight at Raquel.
“We were BFF’S in preschool, that is until his parents said he had to move to England,” Raquel said sadly.
“It’s true we were best friend in preschool,” Jason said in a manly voice.
“Yeah, I was mad when his parents told me the DAY before they had to move.” Raquel said angry boiling in her eyes.
“O to the M to the G that is just cold,” I said in a sassy voice.
“Hold up! Nobody can sass the sass out of Raquel!” Raquel said snapping her fingers in a z formation.
“Yes there is! It’s the sass master from Donchester!” Louis yelled.
“Shhhh! Louis, you’re not in this!” Raquel said snapping her fingers again.
We chatted for a while and then in the corner of my eye I see the clock. I looked towards the clock to see what time it was. When I read it I saw it was 2:00 in the morning.
“Raquel what time did you say your mom was picking us up?” I said in a panicked voice.
“Remember, we are staying in a hotel. I think you have a memory loss problem, we need to get that checked out,” Raquel said looking at Rachel like she was crazy.
“Woah Woah Woah, memory loss serious you say to the girl who knows all the Lady Gaga songs by heart,” I said in a angry voice.
“Sorry, jeez. Anyway, what time is it?” Raquel asked.
“2:00,” I said.
“IN THE MORNING!?” Raquel asked freaking out.
“No 2:00 in the afternoon,” I said in a sarcastic voice.
“Okay okay, well, let’s tell everyone bye then drive to the hotel,” Raquel said. We walked over to Jason, Beyonce, Chace, Lady Gaga, and Madonna to say goodbye.
“Hey girls,” Lady Gaga said smiling as she looked at us.
“Sorry Lady Gaga we really have to go,” I said.
“Oh no! That’s okay though, nice meeting you!” she said hugging us.
“Nice meeting you too! Bye,” Raquel said letting go of her.
We walked over to One Direction and 5 Seconds of Summer to say bye to them.
“Hopefully we see you later Ashton,” I said with dreamy eyes.
“Yeah, hopefully we see you again soon! Boys, I have an idea, huddle up.” Ashton said waving the boys over.
All the boys gathered around in a huddle. We looked at them weirdly while we were waited. After a few minutes they all came up.
“We decided that we are going to give you…” Zayn said but got cut off by all the other boys screaming, “WE ARE GIVING YOU BACKSTAGE TICKETS TO OUR CONCERT!”
We stared at them in shock. No flappy bird way are they giving us backstage tickets. Raquel looked at Rachel then to the boys, then ran up to Rachel and hugged her. After she got done hugging Rachel, she hugged Niall.
“O to the M to the G! Really we get backstage passes to your show, Ahhhh!” I said looking like a first grader who just got a Barbie Dream House.
“Well…that’s the happiest we made our fans before,” Liam said chuckling.
“Well, we are your biggest fans!” Raquel said hugging Niall, still.
“Be careful because Raquel has a big crush on you,” I said pointing to Niall.
“Really?” he said with a smirk on his face.
Raquel blushed a crisma red, then nodded her head.
“Since like what the fifth grade, biggest Niall fan in the world standing right next to me,” I said pointing at Raquel.
“Awww! Is wittle Raquel blushing,” Louis said poking Raquel’s side. Bad move, she’s very ticklish and squeals when ever you tickle her.
“EKKK! DON’T! DO! THAT! AGAIN!” Raquel said looking straight at Louis with a serious face.
“Yeah, you shouldn’t of done that, she will seek revenge,” I said with a serious face.
“Sorry,” Louis said putting his hands up in surrender.
We stayed and chatted for a while. Fifteen minutes later Raquel felt a vibration in her pockets. It was her mom trying to contact us.
“My mom says to be home by 4:00 P.M tomorrow for a party, well, we should probably go now,” Raquel pouted.
“Well bye you guys, see you guys in November at the concert,” I said in a sad but excited voice.
“Bye girls,” the boys said waving. We walked out of the party, to the parking lot, then to our car.
“Best party ever!” Raquel screamed as she sat in her car with the roof down.
“Like totally, wonder what the 1D concert will be like?” I said.
“Probably awesome, anyways, why don’t you lead the way to the hotel. See you there,” Raquel said turning her teal convertible on and of course, One Direction music blasted from the radio.
“Okay see ya there,” I said as a turn on my red corvette.
I start to drive down south Boulevard, and then I took a left turn towards our hotel Best Western. I parked in the parking and waited for Raquel to park. Raquel parked then got out and closed the door.
“Let’s go check in, now that I think about it, I’m actually tired.” Raquel said almost tripping on her own feet.
“Agreed I’m just gonna plop on the bed and sleep,” I said looking very tired.
“Same here,”
We walked into the hotel, got their room key, and walked to their room. When they opened the door, Rachel and Raquel walked straight to the beds, laid down, and fell into a deep slumber of dreams about the concert and other things.