No privacy online


Once, there was a girl named Alexia. She put her information in her bio like her school name her country, age etc. There isn’t really anything online that is not private. You can make your account private but like still some people can hack your account and see everything on your account. Try to make your stuff private and secure somehow from social media or any online site your using that can go to the public. And then they will be able to see it so make sure your stuff is private or delete it don’t put personal stuff or your location because you might not know what can happen in real. Later, she got so many garbage texts about people seeing her video and her pictures that she took of herself and posted it. She was really upset when she was checking her phone so she deleted it. But then somebody took a screenshot of her photos and resend it to make fun of her, which is really rude to do. So she started to find out who that person was. But she couldn’t do anything so she kept trying to ignore then she blocked and report that person. But how many people can she keep blocking if they still have her pictures even though she deleted it. So she decided to make her account a private account. Using social media is not a good thing since people can send you anything which isn’t save or private. A lesson would be to never put information about yourself like for example: your pictures, school, location, any other kind of things. That people would find you or like stalk you. So be afraid and think twice to put information online it is very dangerous.