Bunker Blues, Episode 108: "The New Guy"

Flan Falacci & Nick Carbonara

Once your systems fully boot up, you see a man’s face very close, he seems to be inspecting you. Standing around him are a group of people looking on. So far, their faces are blurry and out of focus.
"Well here we are again, eh?" you think you hear someone say, but you're not quite sure.
"What's going on in here?" This voice you definitely hear; it's one of the people in the room.
“Look what I found under some boxes in the storage closet!” someone says.
Another voice responds, “Did you already manage to spill coffee on that Steve?”
“Only five cups this time!”
You think you hear...a chorus of <i>laughter?</i> Where's it coming from?
Try to focus your optical lens.