A Virtual Home Visit - The Johnsons


<i>Select the door when you are ready to begin. Mrs. Johnson answers the door. </i>
<i>Student:</i> Hello Mrs. Johnson. I’m one of the students working with your husband’s clinic. I believe the nurse let you know I would be coming by this morning? Is it all right if I come in and chat for a few minutes?
<i>Mrs. Johnson: </i>Yes, please come in. <i>(she motions them into the house and leads them into the living room where Mr. Johnson is sitting in his chair watching TV)</i>
Can I offer you something to drink?
<i>Student:</i> No, but thank you very much.
<i>Mr. Johnson is sitting in his chair watching TV. He is fully dressed but is wearing 2 different slippers. The TV is loud. He is wearing a button down shirt with a notebook in the pocket. The shirt is buttoned incorrectly. An empty cereal bowl is sitting on the table next to him.  </i>
<i>Mrs. Johnson (speaking to Mr. Johnson): </i>Honey, the student is here to talk to us and has a few questions for you.
<i>Mr. Johnson (looks confused – very subtle and quick) stammering:</i> Oh, okay.
<i>Mrs. Johnson (speaking to the student): </i>Please, have a seat.
<i>Student takes a seat on the couch across from Mr. Johnson.</i>
<i>Mrs. Johnson:</i> Honey, turn down the television. This nice student is trying to talk with us.
<i>Mr. Johnson picks up his cell phone to turn down the TV but then corrects himself and picks up the remote and turns down the TV. </i>
<i>Student:</i> Good afternoon, Mr. Johnson. How are you today?
<i>Mr. Johnson:</i> Ah, fair, I guess.
<i>Student:</i> Good, I’m so glad to hear that! I’m one of the students from your clinic. I’m here to see how you’re settling in since you came home from the hospital. How have things been going since you came home?
<i>Mr. Johnson:</i> Oh, good, I suppose. I am a bit thirsty at the moment.
<i>Mrs. Johnson:</i> I’ll run and grab you a glass of water.
<i>She picks up the empty bowl of cereal and walks out of the room – presumably into the kitchen. </i>
Cell phone/Remote
Lumpy Rug
Bag of chips
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