Penshift & NekoLLama

Dark Deeds, a Prologue.
I do not remember the name given to me by my parents. That past belongs in the unmarked grave from which I was reborn, bade by my master to rise once more. Cerberus, he called me. The guardian dog of Hades. An awkward name for a perpetual teenager; one I would never live up too, even with the heightened senses, strength and psychic abilities that came with my now preternatural nature. Not that I ever tried.
My master was only ever good for one thing - teaching me how to feed. I had to learn self-control and discipline myself. It did not take me long before my abilities far out stripped his own, for he make an art of remaining as inebriated or tanked as was possible. This made reading his thoughts exceedingly easy, an act that I soon learned from rummaging around his ancient memory that should have been nigh impossible with the sire-bond that existed between us. I learned all I could from the dusty, sections of what once was a brilliant mind before arranging for the sad excuse of a vampire to fall upon a stake.
Eternity was now mine for the taking...
But immortality is overrated.
And I would make it mine.