Gray's Exciting Adventure

Leslie Arizpe

Once upon a time while the trees rustled and the water in the ponds filed with hundreds of water droplets, a wolf mother gave birth to three cubs under the cold rain. The cubs were so alike not just by their actions but by their looks that sometimes not even their mother could tell them apart,the three of them had soft gray fur and their eyes were as blue as the water that fell from the sky the day they were born.But there was one cub that somehow stood out from the others, the wolf's name was Gray.
As the cubs grew older they started to grow apart,Gray started to change it wasn't in a bad way but what he wanted to do was sickening not just to his mother and brothers but to his pack. He wanted to go out and explore but this time he didn't want to go explore around the territory this time he wanted to leave the pack and go solo on his mysterious adventure.
Should he go out on his adventure by himself
Should he stay with the pack