The Prophecy

Brittany J. Rosario

The gate opens in front of you and you walk out on to a dirt road. You take in the feeling of freedom after being locked away 7 years in a Federal prison cell. Your heart beats faster and you sigh nervously, having no idea of where you should go. You have no real family or close friends to come pick you up. You are almost tempted to go back inside the prison gates because you feel helpless. But just as you’re about to look back, a taxi begins to drive up the dirt road. It stops and you get in. "Where to?" You tell the driver, "Take me to a place of new beginnings."
As you sit in the car, flashbacks play in your head from before you went away. You remember being at home mixing potions and writing new spells when the police kicked in your front door and took you away in handcuffs. You disappeared and escaped from your prison cell time after time but somehow they always found you. You’ve spent your last 5 years in solitary confinement stripped powerless, <i>‘Now what?’</i> you think to yourself.
The taxi slows down and stops at the two nearest towns. One is a place of tribal people, “10 Divinities,” you read aloud from the sign out front. The other place is a wealthy modern society, “Jacobson Town.”
Background Information