On a nice sunset a scorpion starts coming out from under a damp, halfway rotted log that he has been hiding under all day. Chirp chirp tweet chirp sssssssss all of the animals in the forest are going to bed just as the scorpion is waking up. The forest is warm from the summer sun  beating on it all day. There are puddles of water scattered throughout forest floor. The scorpion creeps toward one of the last rays of sunlight. The scorpion’s venomous tail hits the top of his hiding spot. It’s tail has six sections that curl over its back. There is an evil looking dagger at the end that is ready to strike.  Suddenly a hawk appeared overhead and he knew that the hawk was going to go for him. The hawk started to dive down at him.
If you want to use the stinger go to Choice #1
If you want to use the Pincers go to Choice #2