Evan and June

<i>"I’d like to offer my congratulations to you all ninety-nine of you who have been accepted into our program. What you learn here at Nautilus will be a step towards building a better future, both above and below the waves. Your work will ensure humanity can not only survive in an aquatic world, but thrive! And with that, I welcome you all to the 2203 Annual Nautilus Training Summer Program!"</i>
The final words of the commencement speech still ring in your head as you walk through the quiet halls of Nautilus. The white walls around you almost seem to glow under the light of the fluorescent strips that line the ceiling. You check the access card you were given after the speech, and turn your mind to finding your assigned room: #380.
At the end of the hall, the corridor branches off to the left and right.
Go left.
Go right.