Ascend the Tower

Jodee Ann Conui

You have no idea where you are.
You vaguely remember going to bed last night. After that, nothing.
All you know is that you aren't in your room laying on your bed, your limbs are tied to the stone floor, and it's dark.
At least you're still wearing the clothes you went to bed in. After all, who wants to worry about being butt-naked when they're trying to figure out how they got themselves tied up in a dark, smelly, humid...
You think you're in a room. There isn't any other sounds or sensations suggesting that you're outside. You're about 99% sure you're in a room of sorts. <i>Where</i> this room is, specifically – that's where the trouble lies.
Come to think of it, the place is just giving off a vibe of... something else. The hairs on the back of your neck prickle at the undeniable sensation of someone watching you. Someone you can't see.
The darkness doesn't help matters either.
So, you're supposedly alone-but-not-quite, you don't recognize the place you're in, and you're tied to the floor in only your bedclothes.
First course of action?
Observe the situation further.
Call out into the darkness.