Spec The Shingleback Skinks Story

Jack Walker

A long, long time ago, hundreds of years back there was a Shingleback Skink named Spec. Shingleback skinks are lizards from Western and Southern parts of Australia, they are tan or light brown, and their tail is almost exactly like its head. They can stick out their long blue tongues and hiss like snakes to startle predators. Spec was out looking for small insects all day. He realized that it was turning dark and stars were covering the sky. He started scurrying back home to his mate. About halfway back to his comfy burrow, Spec heard a hostile hissing sound in the holly bush next to him. Just like him the python, one of the shingleback skinks predators, in the bush had been searching for food all day long. Spec whipped around just in time to dodge the pythons deadly bite Spec hissed threateningly at the python and darted down the trail to his burrow. In his haste, when he was walking on a log that fell across a ravine he lost his footing and fell onto a frail branch that was breaking a little by little every second.
A. Should Spec climb back onto the log?
B. Should Spec stay frozen in fear on the Branch