Jane Johnson

Hey I’m Hank the rhino. I think I have a pretty crazy life. This is my story. I live in Africa. It is very dry and crunchy there with a little bit of water. I like it here, it’s pretty nice. I like it warm I think. I have some other rhino buds. One is a White Rhino, one is a Black Rhino, and the other one is a Indian Rhino. I’m a Black Rhino. I live in Kenya, that is in Africa. I have two horns because I am an African rhino. My friend Bob, the Indian rhino lives in Asia and only has one horn because he is an Indian rhino. And my other friend Ted, he is a White rhino he lives in Africa just like me and has 2 horns because he is a African rhino. Here is the story
I was walking with my family to go get dinner. I eat grass. I do not have predators other than humans. I have to try to keep the babies safe  because they do have predators. They are small so other predators are not afraid to eat them. Alligators, big cats, and hyenas or a predator to baby rhinos. We  were by the swamp when an alligator started swimming higher and higher until he finally popped up. He popped up with a little splash. He was a hungry alligator ready for a snack about Barneys size.
Should the alligator eat the baby?
Should the mom take the babies and let me take care of it