Origins of Money - Final

Ryan Clark

You are a merchant. Well. Actually you’re a space janitor. But your ship crash landed. You’re the only survivor. Whether or not that is terrible luck or incredibly good luck is something to leave to the philosophers. Which you aren’t. You are a space janitor turned merchant. You don’t know much about how space travel works, but you’re pretty sure that flashing red light is the fuel engine. So you need space fuel. And sure you flunked out of space college but you’re not so much of an idiot to not know what space fuel is made out of. You need: water, ice, and nano-aluminum powder.
So the first two are easy. Right? You think so. There was plenty of water back on Earth when you were a kid. You might need to get that fridge working for the ice (which you are not qualified to do) but someone likely can fix a fridge or at least have a fridge that you can buy. But that last one. Well, you’ll get there when you get there.
Your space map tells you there’s some sort of civilization about two hours by the space car, which is undamaged from the crash. But before you leave you ought to get something that can be used to purchase the good, right? They aren’t just going to give you what you need.
Do you...
Go through the pockets of your dead coworkers and employers?
Scavenge inside ship?
Scavenge the wreckage?