Yellow Emperor

Chris Chak Long Cheung

You are the Yellow Emperor, otherwise known as Huangdi, a figure in Chinese history that is both historical and mythological, credited for uniting the Chinese people and ultimately creating one of the ancient world's most grand and developed civilizations.
Created from a miraculous birth under a great mountain by a mighty lightning strike, you have risen to greatness by virtue of your own strength and intelligence. With the death of your tribe's leader, you have been elevated to become the leader of your tribe. Despite your youth and inexperience with leadership, with the wise counsel of your advisors you have made your tribe one of the strongest among those that reside along the Yellow River. Having found success, you may have become complacent in the last few years. But now, your leadership will become more crucial than ever.
Distressing news of a tyrant from the east has spread into your lands, and gripped your people with concern and even absolute fear. Chi You, a ruthless barbarian who tramples through the lands beyond the Yellow River, conquering and enslaving any tribe that he encounters in his bottomless thirst for land, riches, and power, now encroaches upon the territory of the Yan Emperor, a leader of peaceful lands that border your own.
Now more than ever, you must rally your people and prepare to face the threat that approaches. However, beware, as you only have a limited amount of time to enact preparations, and time spent in a certain way is time that cannot be spent in another.
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